When you are in need of a complete makeover, have a new space that needs to be furnished from scratch or want to incorporate your existing pieces, I can provide you with a full scope of design and decorating services. If you seek professional advice in just one or two specific areas, I am delighted to offer these individual services.
The right pieces properly arranged can add warmth and character to a lifeless home. Accessories should not be an afterthought. They help to define the "soul" of the home and say so much about its inhabitants.
Allow me to provide assistance in the assembly of a collection or design a room around an existing one.
While your contractor or specialist at the kitchen and bath showroom will offer important technical skills, they may not provide you with the aesthetic guidance that ensures a harmonious link with the rest of your home. Count on me to provide the concepts and help you to choose the materials and finishes that complement your lifestyle.
Freshen a room by adding color with confidence to create a warm and inviting ambiance.
You'll find many beautiful examples of custom furniture, upholstery, area rugs, and window treatments throughout my portfolio.
I can work with you to develope a furniture floorplan for an existing space. I am also available to review the plans of your contractor or architect on renovations or new construction to ensure that you are getting a space that will lend itself to a satisfactory furniture plan.
Are you selling the home where you raised your children and moving into a new space that better fits the needs of your current lifestyle? There may be too much history for you to be objective. Get a fresh perspective on what to take and what to leave behind. Consultations that ensure a smooth transition.
The right first impression is essential. An enhanced product adds value and translates into greater marketability. The key lies in targeting a specific clientele and showcasing the space to better meet their expectations. Emphasizing a homes best features will also diminish the negative impact of its flaws.
Just need a little advise? I can provide you with a no strings consultation that will fit your budget. With some professional help you will feel more secure about making those tough decisions. And if you have no time to shop the market for that special piece, allow me to find it for you.